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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

Haha yeah that's kinda true. I think in a lot of ways Clara is a far superior companion/romantic interest compared to Rose. In a lot of ways though I think the Doctor tends to really 'bond' with the Companions - at least the last 3 Doctors - that seem to be there since his regeneration. Like how 10 was all about Rose. 11 was all about Amy and Rory - even though I think early on he would have preferred to simply have Amy and it probably really wasn't until much later on before the 'Ponds' went away that he finally started to appreciate Rory and didn't quite see him like 9 and 10 saw Mickey Smith as this stupid, annoying hanger on that the girl he really liked to hang out with was into.

Clara has no such hangers on - other than those 2 brat kids - and I think she's really the first of his modern companions not to have this whole family waiting for her. He can take her around time and space and not feel like he's pulling another young girl (and really when you're a millennia old there's no such thing as a cougar or too young - they're all too young. He could be dating Clara's mother and he'd still think she was a kid compared to him.) away from her family and friends and people that care about her.

Rose was the first that sorta broke through his 'loner' funk. Martha was kinda 'there' after he lost Rose and could meet him at least somehow intellectually. Probably one of his smartest companions he's had in a while that was still young, but hardly uneducated. Then you got Donna who I think just challenged him - who could call him on any bullshit and basically was the one companion that while he probably 'loved' in a friendly, platonic way, wasn't really 'in love' with her. Which was a good thing and hey it gave us the Meta crisis Doctor.

Then you got Amy who really in a lot of ways was the first Companion he had known since she was a child and he was still 'growing' into his 11th life. He regenerated alone but the first one he saw after leaving the TARDIS was Amy. I think in some ways he really had a sort of 'love' for her that while maybe not entirely romantic, she had that spark that Rose had for the adventure, the 'won't take no crap'-ness that Donna had and still had that wide eye'd wonder. Plus he felt like he owed her for waiting on him for so long.

But with Clara, he's got the sassy, smart, fun to hang with, wide eyed wonder girl, that has a sort of mutual attraction to him, and even takes great pleasure in teasing him. Plus no other boyfriend or family to slap him or get all pissy when she's gone for a year instead of a few hours...

Plus, who couldn't fall for Clara? Took me a couple episodes after the Christmas Special to really fall for that petite firecracker. And she gave us the famous "Is that a snog box?" line. Which is funny for a guy who has this 'box' - he really couldn't be having any less sex or any kind of romantic dealings in that box. Since it was pretty clear that Amy and Rory did it in there. And not just their wedding night. Plenty of places to do it out of the Doctor's sight.

Maybe 12 will amp up the affection and relationship with Clara. Be funny to see River going 'Oh, after wife number... what are you up to now? 3-20?"
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