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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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Anyways, I always suspected TWD was a stupid show; thanks for the confirmation, and the warning against ever trying it.
Well, if you won't even try a show because of something that happened offscreen and isn't even an important aspect of the series, which is very much character driven drama with the zombies only serving as an occasional means to an end and other humans being by far the more dangerous creature, then yeah, I'm glad you're not watching it and commenting in the threads.

Darth Tom feels this weird need to compare everything, and unfortunately he missed the point of The Walking Dead massively in his description if he thinks how the military fought the zombies was of any importance to the story, since it wasn't even shown in any detail. By the time we catch up with the main cast the fighting is already over and it's just small band of survivors struggling to stay alive and overcome the zombies, other groups of survivors, and themselves.
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