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Re: Roger Dean sues over movie Avatar

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I mean, I certainly know Gaith wouldn't have any problem if a new user showed up with the name Ga´th, used a slightly recolored but otherwise identical picture of Oded Fehr, and became a regular poster. They were just inspired by him, afterall. Right?
I wouldn't, actually; I'd be flattered. That's why we have the phrase "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." After all, I didn't originate either image in my avatar, nor did I create the (Arabic) name "Gaith".
Yeah, I'm sure you would.

Especially if someone came around, saw one of your ideas, and offered to buy it for a few million dollars. Except they asked Ga´th instead, because he said something similar in a much later post. Or more appropriate to the comparison, if Ga´th started posting all kinds of vulgar and disgusting things on the forum and instead Gaith was permanently banned in his stead. It's okay though, still just a flattering inspiration, after all.

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.... squander what's left of your life in relative obscurity and poverty.
I take it you're implying that Dean leads a life of "relative obscurity and poverty" in that he should be as rich as Cameron, despite the fact that one of them made a few paintings and the other made a massive multimedia franchise that employs thousands of people in several countries. Totally the same thing?
If he did it by stealing from him and others, as he often does, then yes.
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