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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

9x4-The Ties That Bind: "Get my necklace back and I'll show you how to break the bond".....I do not think that phrase means what you think it means. Cause once Mitchell, Valla and the de-facto SG-1 team of Teal'C and Daniel track down a host of items that Valla had traded and flipped, he tells them he doesn't know how. So I jumped right in, this episode deals with the fallout of the bracelets that bonded Daniel & Valla together while they were magically transplanted to another Galaxy where the Ori are. A fun episode that, at it's core, is really giving us more character insight into Valla(whose still just a guest star 4-episodes into the seasons). But don't worry, I'm sure the effect of the psyiologcial connection from the bands will wear off in time. By that point Valla will be....reformed?

9x5-The Powers That Be: So a world that trusts Valla is on the lists of planets to visit. Valla insists she goes to help smooth things over cause she is on good terms with them. Mitchell sees this as a red flag, anyone who trusts her does so at their peril. Come to find out, Valla who once was infected with a Gou'ald named Ketesh, ruled these people as a god. After the Tok'ra removed Ketesh, Valla still kept up the charade. She's been gone a long while and a Prior of the Ori has shown up to demand their worship. Valla is exposed as a fake and sentenced to death, then life in prison. The Prior infects the whole immediate population with a fatal disease then leaves. SG-1, with Valla's help using the Gou'ald healing device tries to tend to the villagers. The Prior returns, heals everyone, even resurrects those who died. The Prior leaves SG-1 unharmed, even after Valla attempts to fill him with lead, and instructs them to spread the word of his deeds and that the Ori are coming.

I liked both of these episodes alot. These Ori are going to be some nasty sonsa...., wondering what weak spots we'll expose to defeat them. Daniel did give a big speech about science, technology and knowledge. I'm guessing some Ancient device will come into play? The Ancients themselves? Might they after the events with Daniel and Oma cause them to reevaluate their non-interference directive and get involved somehow?
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