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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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I think the people of TNZ were deliberately played as asinine. However, I'm inclined to believe people would be more tolerant than they would be of the reverse.
I think less "asinine, and more fish out of water. The woman didn't even know ahead of time she was going to be frozen, and then had to deal with (more than the two men) that all of her family was dead.

The music man seem to have no problem with his surrounding right from the start, and it would be easy to see him assimilating in the future culture with the least trouble.

The businessman (Offenhouse) was somewhere in the middle. My impression was that his problem wasn't direct that his money was gone, it's that his money was what he used to exercise control over his own life, with the lose of that control he was cast adrift.

Picard's (asinine) pronouncement that the ability to control your own life is a illusion likely wasn't very helpfull. Picard's statement might be another example of one of Roddenberry's worst ideas.

Someone asked earlier (iirc) what would the treatment be for three people from 300 years in the past waking up in our time, first they would likely instantly become celebrities. Yes some education would have to be offered, but the derisive comments heard I think would be absent.

When the women started to cry, faced with her new realility, I very much doubt that a modern person standing in the room would wonder (as Picard apparently did) why she was crying.

Picard could be clueless at times.

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