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Re: Roger Dean sues over movie Avatar

@JarodRussel: unmarked spoilers for a movie still in theaters. Really?

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I mean, I certainly know Gaith wouldn't have any problem if a new user showed up with the name Ga´th, used a slightly recolored but otherwise identical picture of Oded Fehr, and became a regular poster. They were just inspired by him, afterall. Right?
I wouldn't, actually; I'd be flattered. That's why we have the phrase "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." After all, I didn't originate either image in my avatar, nor did I create the (Arabic) name "Gaith".

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.... squander what's left of your life in relative obscurity and poverty.
I take it you're implying that Dean leads a life of "relative obscurity and poverty" in that he should be as rich as Cameron, despite the fact that one of them made a few paintings and the other made a massive multimedia franchise that employs thousands of people in several countries. Totally the same thing?
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