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Do Orci, Lindelof & Co have to compensate Nicholas Meyer & Co because they were inspired by Spock's death scene to write their own one, and constantly re-use that "The needs of the many" speech and the "I have been and always shall be your friend" phrase, all taken from the script from TWOK? Harlan Ellison would be furious had he written the TWOK script.
Paramount are perfectly entitled to reuse material from their own franchise. Meyer was a hired gun, he does not own his script for STII.
Not to drag this off sideways, but they might very well have had to compensate him, even though he's not credited as a writer for the movie. Hard to tell since much of the dialogue is similar but switched between characters. Similarly, since Khan was a character created by another, there were almost certainly payments to the writers of "Space Seed". It's all part of the WGA contract.

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