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Re: Satisfying Cancelled Show Endings

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I thought Carnivāle had a very satisfying ending despite it's open-ended conclusion, which was a natural result of the first two season intended be the first of three chapters. Sure, we don't get answers like "Did Jonesy survive?" or "How will Brother Justin and Ben recover and face-off again?" but what otherwise, the show had a clear beginning, middle, and end in the first two seasons, which is probably why HBO was fine with cancelling it. Daniel Knauf has since mentioned in interviews (including one this year at A.V. Club) about the different character fates and how the show would have progressed in general.
Agree 100%. As much as I'd love to see the other prospective two "volumes" of two seasons each, Carnivāle was a beautiful nightmare of a show, and no dream ever really lasts long enough to resolve all its plot points. In a way, Carnivāle's abrupt ending is perfect.

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Lastly, I think Rome had a solid conclusion after just two seasons, although the show did get some forewarning, hence the fast-tracked timeline in the second half of the season.
Agreed again. The climactic accelerated plot pace perfectly fit Team Antony's sense of spiraling out of control.
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