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Re: Why didn't they just keep their characters?

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Like others have said about Locarno/Paris, I also think having Dukat be Macet doesn't work. The character on DS9 was the person who ran the occupation of Bajor. This likely wouldn't be the same person Cardassia would send to deal with the situation in "The Wounded."
Promotions happen you know. That's like saying Worf can't command the Defiant because he only was a Lieutenant junior grade conn officer in season one of TNG or that Picard couldn't be a captain because he's the type of person who starts bar fights in college.
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How much redemption would Tom Paris need? How much of a bad guy was he? He was captured on his first Maquis mission. Was that before or after the mission was completed? And what was the mission? Blow up a hoverbus full of Cardassian kids? Or destroy a Cardassian weapons depot?

Was Tom Paris ever really a bad guy, or was he just a wannabe?
Wannabe or not, any court would convict someone who willingly joined a terrorist group, expecially if that someone previously caused deaths due to recklessness.

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Was that dude on the Enterprise D's bridge, played by Josh Clark, in TNG's Justice, meant to be Joe Carey from Voyager? It could be the same guy.
Good eye. It could be the same guy.
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