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Re: William T. Riker - Character Assassination or Praise

I think a good follow up to the BOBW would have been Riker (possibly during the episode "Family") interacting with Starfleet Command on Earth about a fulltime Captaincy. He could have had some emotional conversations with Troi. Maybe something to the effect of "I really found out something about myself during the Borg invasion. I know I'm ready now." Maybe have him struggle to tell Picard about it and have an emotional closing scene where they part ways in Picard's ready room.

Riker's character hit a brick wall as soon as the BOBW ended. He did not grow as a character anymore even with the ADM Pressman incident. I think Riker served best as a foil to the other characters for the remainder of the show; which is fine. He was a great interface to the rest of the cast.
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