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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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You must really have a shitload of nitpicks with The Walking Dead then because the whole thing makes even less sense with slow moving zombies and that they could overtake the entire US military not to mention the fact that over 50% of Americans own some type of firearm.
"Why did the SEALS give a civilian a firearm" is a nitpick. What you describe are legitimate objections to core story problems; "uberpicks", if you will. Anyways, I always suspected TWD was a stupid show; thanks for the confirmation, and the warning against ever trying it.

Fact is, I tend to think the zombie genre is hopelessly dumb and played out. Although I'm sort of curious to see what the sequel to this will consist of, I'd rather Pitt were in better films. Oh, well. I bought a ticket to this; I accept the consequences.

I do wonder, though, what effect, if any, this franchise will have on the perpetually-in-development Y: The Last Man project. Like the vast majority of Y fans, I'd most like to see an HBO series adaptation, not movies. Maybe the globetrotting-apocalypse Z flavor will put a kibosh on Y film development? And how does X feel about all this?
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