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Re: First Contact alternate timeline

Someone upthread stated that since "Hope and Fear" aired before ENT was even thought of it could not be relevent to the issue at hand. I would argue that the more germaine episode was the two-parter "Future's End" which established that the crew of Voyager was in the past concurrent, whatever the hell that means when you're discussing time travel, with the events depicted in "First Contact". Changes to the timeline percormed in the mid 21st century did not affect them in the late 20th. This is why the ersatz Starfleet vessel "Dauntless" could bear a registry number of "NX-01A" without raising any red flags. Changes to the timeline only propagate forward, the natural direction of the flow of time.

To illustrate, let's suppose that the events of ST'09 lead to circumstances in which Soong was never born, say a direct ancestor serving on the Kelvin. No Data was ever built. But if Pine-Kirk went to the right spot and dug he would find Data's head right where it was lost in the 19th century, even though no one would ever show up to claim it.
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