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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

57. Man of Steel: B+
58. Doubt: A
59. Godfather: A
60. World War Z: B
61. Much Ado About Nothing: A-

The Joss Whedon directed, nearly all Whedon alum acted telling of The Bards famous play shot in 12 days was lots of fun. It's showing at our Indie Cinema in town as of last week and the runs there are short usually, so I made haste. I admit it's probably more fun if you're a vested fan of Whedon and his stalwart regulars. If you aren't familiar with the story I think a fair boilerplate is convincing two people to open up and embrace the passion they have for each other. They have to be tricked into admitting it and all the while a nefarious villain is running afoul of things trying to further his own needs at the expense of others.
That said, if you just like Shakespeare and find appreciation in modern updated settings of his tales then this is a fun movie. Also, not that it mattered to me, but it is all in B&W. I actually felt that added a touch of novelty to the film.
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