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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Starfleet barely manages to defend EARTH most of the time. I think defending the entire Federation is probably asking a bit much..
That is funny that one of the key planets in the Federation seems to be facing invasion or destruction every few years from "insert threat here". No wonder there is so much colonization in the future. The earth just isn't a safe place to live!!!

Crazy Eddie wrote: View Post
I'm also reminded that Sisko tells Leyton in "Paradise Lost" that the other Federation worlds probably wouldn't take too kindly to Starfleet overthrowing the President and creating, effectively, a "military dictatorship." Assuming I'm essentially right about Federation laws vis a vis military buildup, then Leyton is making essentially the same calculation as Marcus -- his "strengthening Earth" is his belief that Starfleet must become a full military force to counter an alien threat -- and realizes that the current government is in no way prepared to allow this. Sisko explicitly mentions civil war (which is probably what the Founders were hoping for too) which suggests that the other Federation members have their own space forces that could, either individually or collectively, give Starfleet a run for its money.
This is just speculation and not necessarily true. In the US Civil War a great number of high ranking federal officers resigned and fought for the sessecionists. In a coup situation you would likely have various commanders or perhaps entire commands, army groups, corps, brigades, military installations, etc, who could choose to side with one side or the other.

Instead of "regional local defense fleets" battling Starfleet forces you would just as easily have Starfleet Force A battling Starfleet Force B. Especially if many of these installations fall within and are maintained/supported by local races or governments who withdraw from the Federation after the coup.
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