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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

Actually, Starfleet seems to a large degree to be based on NOAA with some sophisticated weapon systems installed in the boot. It doesn't seem reflect military practices all that well, especially compared to other sci-fi productions that explicitly seek to depict those practices (e.g. Battlestar Galactica, Seaquest, Stargate SG-1).
Except Starfleet trains for combat, NOAA does not. When a NOAA predecessor organization, the US Coast and Geodetic Survey, was last employed in wartime on a large scale, its missions were similar to those of peacetime: mapping, charting and surveying. And they were assigned to army or navy commands, they did not have units of their own.

Or to NOAA, which again uses the same rank structure (and, like the crew of Enterprise-D, entirely lacks enlisted ranks).
Again, E-D did not entirely lack enlisted personnel.

OTOH, I'll again remind you that NOAA is also a uniformed service and is not, strictly speaking, a civilian agency either.
Not really. You're referring to the NOAA commissioned corps, which is 300-400 out of some 12,000 NOAA personnel. Unlike Starfleet officers, NOAA commissioned officers are not subject to military justice unless actually assigned to an armed forces unit.

What IS definitive, however, is that Starfleet has been explicitly described as a non-military organization and implicitly stated to be one far more often than the reverse. OF the counter claims, one of them is made by an angry civilian whose batting average on accurate statements is shockingly low.
"Implicitly stated..." is begging the question as it assumes the definition excludes war-fighting forces not explicitly declared to be "military" (and from what we have seen, for Federation war-fighting, Starfleet is it). My point being, if we're trying to pin down how the word is actually used and understood, absent a 24th century dictionary, the sample is too small to be definitive.
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