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Re: Trublood Season 6 discussion *spoilers*

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I saw a post on another site that asked why doesn't Sam get down to an aquarium, imprint some stuff and turn into a whale right in the middle of the werewolf pack. I would love to see that. SPLAT!
Unless it's completely magical in nature (which is possible), I would assume there's some sort of upper and lower size limit. Like, if Sam turns into a cockroach, it would be an ultra-dense, extremely heavy roach, and if Sam turned into a whale, it would be extremely light and fragile.

Tom wrote: View Post
Is there anyone who thinks Ben is NOT Warlow? I mean come on, they have never shown a good image of this guy and Warlow drank the blood of 3 faeries so he may have some of there powers for a little while. Could be a red herring, but i don't think this show is that smart.
I think he is too, but the only reason I'm not completely dismissing the red herring idea is that they're really beating us over the head with the idea of him being Warlow. I mean, Warlow's interested in faeries, and he's found covered in fae blood after a fight. Sookie sends him to the faery disco and suddenly they're all dead inside and he's laying down outside all disheveled again and seemingly recovering from a blood bender. They make sure to go into all the loopholes in the vampire rules that Bill can now circumvent thanks to being sort of a progeny of Lilith, which explains why Ben is able to circumvent those rules himself. Warlow has a fascination with Sookie and now Ben is there trying to kindle a romance with her, while gathering information at the same time.

Yeah, the show is not exactly subtle, but they're really making it obvious that he's Warlow if that's the ultimate plan, so much so that any reveal is going to be completely anticlimactic. Regardless of what happens though, there's definitely something off about Ben.
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