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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

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Why should it matter to a cashier whether they are being payed attention to or not if such attention is not actually required to complete the transaction?

Why isn't it considered rude to take somebody away from their personal business when there is no need to?
Then why should it matter to the customer if the assistant doesn't give them their full attention? Customers expect quite rightly that the person assisting them gives them their full attention. It's not unreasonable that the asssitant would expect the same curtesy.

If she didn't want to interact with an asssitant, we have these marvellous devices now in the big supermarkets they are called self-scan checkouts. You can use them to your hearts content with minimal interaction with an assistant.

Tora Ziyal wrote: View Post
Sometimes the cashier has a question and therefore does need the attention of the customer. They shouldn't have to compete with someone on the other end of a phone call to get it.

highlighting that an item is on a BOGOF deal or that a bigger size is actually cheaper at the moment, or checking if you accidently picked up say 2 of the same paper.
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