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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

WTF is with all these unmarked Trek spoilers?

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Again, the cold, the flu, virtually ANY disease or infection can be "deadly" in the right circumstances. So wouldn't the zombies pretty much ignore the vast majority of the population? And even if you're not suffering from a viral infection you still "have" every one you've ever had, you're just immune so it doesn't make you sick anymore.

That plot thread doesn't hold up under much scrutiny. I *liked* it because it was an interesting take on things and if they go ahead with more movies it'll be interesting to see how the build on it but it's not something that holds up under much thought.
The whole plot sense makes absolutely none.

1) Where was Pitt's family going, and why were they in such a hurry in the first scenes? It's obviously not a school day, because kids aren't that excited to get up for school, unless it's Justin Bieber visit day or something. So why is the breakfast so rushed?

2) Why is the Navy command center 200 miles off the shore? Unless the zombies can swim, ten miles should be plenty; any more is a waste of precious helo fuel.

3) How did General Brewster survive being shot by the T-X, and why was he transferred to the Navy? Come on.

4) Why did the SEALS let the doctor handle a weapon?

5) Why, in both Korea and Wales, did our heroes decide to move around at night? Significantly increased risk of failure for no immediate gain.

6) Just how long can zombies survive, anyway? Where does their energy come from?
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