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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

GSchnitzer wrote: View Post
Well, the second bed doesn't have a bedside swing-arm monitor, either, in "Return to Tomorrow." They had pull it off the set to make room for Thalassa's receptacle. Hmmm: maybe this whole episode takes place in yet another Sick Bay!
Or this is a foretaste of the upcoming Season Three? First, the second bed doesn't have the swing-arm monitor and eventually the first bed will also be without it.
But whatever the case, to equip the third bed with a swing-arm monitor is entirely conjectural ("Journey to Babel", "The Immunity Syndrome") and the "Return To Tomorrow" footage suggests none had ever been there in the first place.

Donny wrote: View Post
Does the bridge module next to Spock's science station not exist because it was removed for filming in this screencap?

We don't know if a wall exists (in-universe) by the third bed or not, but we do know that if there was one there, it would have to be removed for filming the scenes which featured the third bed.

Therefore, I'm making it a rule that walls or other objects that could exist in-universe that would have to be removed for filming the series have every right to be there as much as the bridge module next to the science station does. Whether or not they exist in my project depends on my preference and artistic license, I suppose.
I'm well aware of the issue and commented accordingly when you presented the transporter room renderings.

At first glance the transporter console looked to be standing too close to the wall but a closer look at the footage like this screencap reveals that the directors were using "X-ray vision" to provide audiences with the "big picture" which they would have been unable to deliver had they left the swing walls or the consoles in place (same applies for Greg's sample from "The Deadly Years" and IMHO the VFX shots of the shuttlebay and many others).
Of course, "in-universe" we all do "know" that there are walls and consoles there because we have seen these locations from the opposite camera positions.

However, in the particular case of the sickbay back wall, most of us do "know" from the studio set plans and the footage that there had never been a wall.
Personally, I don't like the idea that we have to invoke the directors' desire for "X-ray vision" to explain these discrepancies in the actual footage, therefore I wouldn't voluntarily and without any pressing need create additional and extra "incidents". Just my 0.02 $, YMMV

Something similar like your third bed position, is the placement of the "Fifth Beds" in my latest draft for Main Deck 7. I'm not happy about that and I'm probably going to change it by reducing the width of the Computer Core extensions.

If I'm not mistaken, what we often saw in TOS was that the patient could be served from both sides of the bed. The third bed in your renderings (and the fifth or sixth in my deck plans) can only be served from one side. I'm not sure this is a practical approach.

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