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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

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Came across this news story

Cashier refuses to serve customer who is on mobile phone.

Now whilst i think it was wrong to refuse the customer service, I would say that the customer was being rude by not giving the cashier their full attention. If the roles had been reversed and the Cashier was on the phone, the customer would likely consider the cashier rude. It works both ways.
While both examples would certainly be rude (especially if the customer is ignoring the cashier in favor of paying attention to the call) excepting some emergency, if you're trying to suggest that there's some equivalency in rudeness between an employee talking on a cellphone during work hours and a customer doing so while shopping, then there's no comparison at all. The customer is not obligated to do anything, it's simply polite to do so. The employee is obligated to serve the customer, however, barring some kind of abusive behavior, and for them to take personal calls at the expense of helping the customer would be totally out of line.
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