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Re: What is your least favourite TNG film

My least favorite is definitely Nemesis.

The TNG part of Generations feels like TNG season 8, which I like.
First Contact has a lot of action and not much story but I like it anyway
Insurrection really feels like a good (but not great) two part episode. Which isn't a bad thing. And I think all the movies are a lot better if you know the series. People who only watch the movies miss a lot of references and previous character development

But Nemesis... sigh. First of all they choose a director who only made two movies before. He is mainly an editor of action movies.
If you watch his comments on the deleted scenes you see, why the movie is bad: "Yeah, the scene was OK but it had no action in it." There are many good deleted scenes which all should have been in the movie. There really should be an extended cut.
What the movie's got is a lot of pointless action scenes: So they fly a shuttle to the planet, just to drive around in some kind of car? Strange. B4 was also a bad idea.
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