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Re: Hoshi's Translating skills...

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You know...I just finished Season 1 of ENT and cannot understand why it receives so much hate from some other Trek fans. Just saying that first off.

As for Hoshi's skills, yes, it is a little bit on the nutty side.

HOWEVER. It is the ONLY Star Trek series to actually ADDRESS THE ISSUE.

We actually see, over and over, species not being able to magically communicate through the Universal Translator. We see subtitles sometimes even!

For me, it was much more close to home for me as opposed to the magical almighty UT never failing ever. With 2 DS9 exceptions...but those exceptions lasted all of like 5 mins. Now that I think of it, also 1 or 2 VOY exceptions but those lasted even less time.
Yes but with reagrds to the UT, the more languages that are in the database the easier it might be for the UT to lock onto a translation matrix. As it has a larger reference source.
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