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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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^Yeah, that was a great scene. Costner really sold how hard it must be to have to say something like that to your kid. And yeah, the "You are my son" bit was great.

I hadn't thought about the flashback structure like that. I do hope the use that opportunity, I really do think he was such a strong part of the movie.
As much as I loved the flashback structure in this movie, I'm not sure I really want to see more of it in a sequel. It made sense here because he was feeling lost and conflicted, and his reflecting back on his parents and childhood helped give us some important insight into his character.

But by this point I think we need to see him focusing more on the present and where he's at now, and feeling a lot more sure of himself and his role in the world. Instead of constantly looking back to the past like before.

And of course if he does need advice, he can always still visit his mother.
I do not think they will use it as heavily as they did in this one (nor that they should), but some flashbacks for Pa Kent are not totally unreasonable.

Simply because COSTNER!!!!!!

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As for the destruction towards the end of the movie....I'd heard all this hubbub about it so expected a lot more then what was actually in the movie. And to be honest, I wasn't that bothered.
Well, as I said earlier in the thread, my only complaint about the destruction was that it went on and on for fifteen years without end. They could've cut about 30-40 minutes of that out and the movie wouldn't have lost a thing.

Otherwise, I agree, it was a fine film. Not as good as the Donner movies, but, what could be?
I didn't really mind since didn't numb me in the same way that Transformers 3's action did. That was just a constant assault on the senses for a huge portion of the movie, this I actually got involved way more in.

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Oh, also loved that they basically imply that Lois already knows who he is when he turns up at The Planet at the end.
It was more than a hint, she does know.
Yeah, I meant that, I just failed at writing in that bit

Actually one thing I didn't mention that deserves mention is Hans Zimmer's score. I'm sitting here listening to it, and while it's granted not the most original thing in the world, it does have some really nice themes and works like gangbusters with the movie. Which in the end is the best thing a score can do.
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