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Re: To the Left?

MITCHELL: Captain on the deck!
JANEWAY: At ease. Junction room sixteen?
MITCHELL: Over there, Captain.
JANEWAY: Of course. Crewman Mitchell, how have you been?
MITCHELL: never better, ma'am. Yourself?
JANEWAY: Not bad. Not bad at all.
MITCHELL: ah, to the left, ma'am.
JANEWAY: Thank you.

I'm assuming she started in the wrong direction and he corrected her?

When I get my guest appearance on Star Trek I hope my single line,

"Oh.. to the gutter."

is taken with as much respect and glee by those who know me best as you have shown with Mr. Morello's contribution.

(Maybe this is why they made Barclay a stutterer? So he never quite got to his half baked directions out?)

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