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Re: My new side project! USS Something Something

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I've never been a fan of the split neck design. Despite that, I love this ship. A lot.
Really my only issue with it. Having the secondary hull 'cradled' in the neck is visually interesting and offers some great modularity for various mission profiles, but unless that secondary hull can function as a separate ship unto itself, I just don't see it being that functional. Add a little more heft to both 'necks', make it look like they're built to take some punishment and not kill everyone traveling in them and it would probably be fine.

An otherwise pretty fabulous design. And I say that as someone who doesn't much care for the reboot's style/design language for Starfleet.

Well then I will definitely take that as a compliment, thank you!
It's a good thing I read that, you won't see the changes in the first few images, because I rendered those images out before I read you're comment. I fixed the neck, because I was thinking the same thing.

SO we got a whopping 9 images here, I think that the modeling is done. If you think I should touch up any part of this ship I'm going to move on to texture and surface detailing; aka modeling lights, and windows.

(Man, I hate Photobucket. With. A. Passion.)

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