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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I think the biggest question of the series 5 Blu-Ray, if not the entire remastering project overall, is:

Where are the Phasers going to emerge from when the Enterprise fires on the Alien ship in Darmok?
CBS-D changed the mistake from pilot where the beam was shooting from the Enteprise Captain's Yacht, to the right place.

They should fix the mistake in Darmok.
God I actually hope not. To the best of my knowledge that ship shot (the close up when they fire) is the only time that ship shot is ever used. And actually visually, even though its absolutely wrong, its a beautiful shot.

I have no real objection to shows replacing stock footage, but I don't want to lose any original model shots.

Can someone confirm that the model shot is used in an other episode?
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