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Re: New Richard Taylor TMP VFX interview

He's sure taking a lot of credit for stuff he didn't do. I mean, it's long established that the refit ship is a refined version of Jefferies' phase II design. And for instance, the damned bridge was built before they were going to make a movie, so those round and oval screens were already in place and the control panels designed and built.

That said, there were some cool photos there. Though that V'ger model is pretty WTF.

(In case anyone doesn't figure it out, if you click on a pic in the article it opens a page for that pic, and if you click on the pic again on that page, it opens a much higher resolution this!

What strokes me is they had these models built for the TV show that they just tossed...they could easily have used the earlier drydock and other elements to be in the distance facilities to imply a larger dockyard system, etc.

He's correct about the dodecahedron modules...a bad idea all the way around., that pic of the engine room reveals something I've never seen before! Check out the ceiling! Look familiar?
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