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Re: Why didn't they just keep their characters?

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Were the Maquis really terrorists? They always came off as a paramilitary organization. Their goal was to fight the Cardassians as a military. They weren't killing civilians, were they? I certainly don't recall any obvious terrorism type attacks, something that Kira and Shakaar really did commit. With all the ex-Starfleet people in the Maquis, it's hard to believe they'd attack civilian targets.
You didn't watch much DS9? They blew up a civilian freighter in their pilot episode that may or may not have been carrying weapons.

In Ro's episode, they stole supplies from a Federation ship, and were going to attack a convoy of freighters which were apparently civilian. Though they also did attack Gul Evek's ship head on that episode.

Eddington did a whole bunch of terrorist crap. Stole industrial replicators, then manufactured biogenic weapons to poison two entire Cardassian worlds. His whole cyber attacks could be considered cyberterrorism, not to mention he gunned down one of those freighters evacuating the worlds he poisoned to cover his escape.

The Maquis were well intentioned and definitely sympathetic, but there's no getting around they were terrorists. Distasteful as it may be, it's really the modus operandi for any small group taking up arms against a larger one, especially as technology gets better and better.
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