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Re: Vengeance Weapons (Spoilers, maybe)

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I'd certainly think so. The skies must be full of uninteresting derelicts, and Khan's ride would be among the sorriest. Nothing would indicate anything of worth aboard; why should Admiral Marcus' men stop and investigate?
Because that's what Starfleet does when they find derelict ships in odd places. It's one of the things that gets them into trouble more often than anything else.

It's difficult to see how it could benefit S31 in its narrower-scope quest to strengthen the defenses of the UFP, though.
Sectopm 31 is made up of like-minded Starfleet officers who otherwise have their regular assignments like everyone else. Their exploration missions are no different than any other starship, they're just a lot more interested in results that have tactical value than other commanders might be.

Really? Those were Kirks orders?
Apparent from many episodes of TOS. As far as space explorers go, he's much like Doctor Who or Spaceman Spiff, having adventures for the sake of having adventures - there's no clear logic to him e.g. trying to stop one asteroid out of thousands in "Paradise Syndrome" from hitting a planet in the middle of nowhere, other than some sort of perverse curiosity to see if it can be done.
A month ago you were describing Kirk as "a military man who unquestioningly fights for a single philosophy and mercilessly stomps down all others." Now you think he's a "spaceman spiff, having adventures for the sake of having adventures" motivated by "perverse curiosity."

To which I am forced to ask: were you high when you posted this?
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