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Re: The Other Comic Thread

So far 2 issues in, it feels like the 90's X in as far as his modus operandi, attitude and personality traits. My memory of the 90's version was that he was one part Batman, one part Punisher who roamed the DD like Hell's Kitchen of Arcadia. So far that's what we've been given in the relaunch.
I'm not sure if I'm reading too much into it but X seems to take a brutal amount of punishment and bouncing back. I half expect to learn he's been a guinea pig of some scientific experiment but we'll see.

As for "Other Comics", last week I got Lazarus #1 from Image written by Greg Rucka. I picked it up based on his name alone. Knowing his solid work on Batman, Punisher, Black Widow and Elektra for starters I flipped through it. The story takes place in an unidentified future, near/far is unknown, where food is scarce and The Rich are essentially running things not to akin to Mafia crime families. The Carlyle family is our focus and the main character is called Forever Carlyle, she has the ability to resurrect and is, it seems, the Enforcer for the family. It's revealed she is at a seemingly crossroads with how things are and have been ran. The politics on the book is overt and the 4page editorial spells it out if you somehow miss it. Based on his tweets I think Greg is only trying to point out the widening disparity and not overtly saying he feels "all rich"(perspective of what that is) would be/are evil nor are all poor people just down on their luck innocents. I'm going to try the first arc.

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