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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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Which goes back to the original point I made: If everything else in Trek says that it's easy to use alien tech and vice-versa then what's stopping the VOY crew from using Delta tech or Delta Aliens fixing the ship for them?
Because the civilizations encountered by Voyager's crew aren't like any seen in TOS, TNG, or even DS9. The Delta Quadrant was the least explored area of the galaxy at the time of Voyager's disappearance. Why would any of the people living there have technology comparable to what's used on Voyager?

How are they unlike anything seen in the other series? I mean heck, if they could understand and use BORG tech I don't see what makes the tech of anything else in the DQ so hard. Borg tech should be really beyond the Feds and incomprehensible, yet they were able to understand and use it fairly fast.

If the VOY crew couldn't adapt to anything in the DQ or be able to figure out how to use Alien tech, they'd look like total morons compared to all the other Trek shows.
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