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I haven't been watching the feeds, I had no idea how bad they edited Aaryn. She really goes around making racist homophobic comments?

If you watch the feeds do any of them come off as decent human beings?
Aaryn and GinaMarie have said the worst comments, saying that Helen (Asian American) should shut up and go make some rice, they don't like Candice's voice because it's "too white," they've made Asian eyes to make fun of Helen, repeatedly referred to Andy as a queer, called welfare "n**** insurance," and many other disgusting comments. Mostly they make racial comments about Candice.

This year's batch has come off really badly. Aaryn and Jeremy are definitely the worst, but others have been really catty or offensive as well. Pretty much the only nice, normal people are Judd, Andy, Nick, Helen, McCrae, and strangely enough Elissa. Candice is alright but has an incredibly annoying voice and Amanda has to dominate every conversation. Spencer was cool at first but has now made many really sexist or downright creepy remarks. He even whipped his thing out just to show it to the camera, with an icky grin on his face. And Jeremy is the biggest douchebag on the planet.

Oh, I forgot to mention that there's a showmance brewing...between Amanda and McCrae! Such a bizarre pairing.
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