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Re: Voyagers ending, redone.

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Well I thought I replied (it's the thought that counts right? I think the Submit and Preview buttons should be reversed.). It sounds like a plan. I'm saving up for hard to find merchandise outside of Japan but if I have a good amount I'll work up a costume and probably start/join a Otakon 2013 thread and post what I'll wear there.

To get back on topic, do you think they have conventions in the Star Trek universe? Voyagers last episode could have showed a Voyager convention where people were dressed as species Voyager came across, or would that have been too much?
Done and done! When I finally decide my costume I'll let you know so we can connect.

About in-world conventions, this is something I'd never considered. Though the Ferengi would most certainly dominate the sales booths. They would revel in selling a 2 ounce hunk of plastic for $80.
Long live Tuvix!
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