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Re: Tuvok is an Idiot

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I hear you. But the fact is, being arrogant and condescending isn't very logical. The pre-ENT Vulcan mythos pegged Vulcans as aloof and cold, but this WAS always mistaken for arrogance by overly-emotional humans. (McCoy, you are guilty!) Now that the mistaken human view is vindicated, this strips Vulcans of their chief principle: "Logic wins no matter how it is perceived". I appreciate the story trying to represent the "journey" of Vulcan attitudes. But logic is logic.
Well, I think we should keep in mind that each Trek series is written from the perspective of humanity, so anyone who routinely opposes the values of humans, Starfleet, or the Federation is going to come off as antagonistic no matter who they are. That's why I don't read too much into the alleged personality swaps that happen between different races depending on which series they're in.

As you pointed out, Vulcans often come off as aloof or distant because they're less emotional than humans, whereas Andorians are perceived as hotheads because they tend to more emtional than their counterparts. It's all a matter of perspective, so I don't necessarily think it tarnishes the legacy of another character. As I said, I appreciate Spock more now because he isn't like his ancestors.

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