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Re: Jeyl's TNG "Episode of the WeeK" Banners

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I really like your banners, and in general the way you start these threads. As creator of EOTW, I'm very happy with the work you're doing as showrunner and I'm always looking forward to seeing what you'll come up with next.
Thank you Cap. You couldn't have picked a more perfect time to create this trend. The BluRays are just coming out and doing an episode a week not only helps with creating the content for these reviews but it also gives enough time to do their thing in grabbing screencaps. I was a bit scared that they weren't going to do Season Three by the time "Evolution" was up next for review, but than Evolution popped up and we were saved!

One of the reasons I do these reviews is to also help me remember these episodes in the long run. Even thinking back to Season 2, I still can't remember all of them by heart even though I've not only watched all of them on BluRay but also commented on them in these very forums! Skimming through my comments will be more than enough to job my memory.

Again, thank you for starting this trend Cap. It's given me something positive to look forward to on thes forums, even if the episodes end up being bad or in some cases, completely idiotic. Hearing what people have to say about the episodes in a way that doesn't completely write them off in vague comments is quite refreshing. And best of all, it's a learning process and I still have lots to learn.
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