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Re: Watching TOS Again From The Beginning

Just to reiterate - I grew up watching these episodes, although I know I haven't defintely seen them all, I feel like I have.

I read the Blish novels(and LOVED them!)and had the box set of the novels adapted from the animated series which, IIRC, kind of collapsed two or three episodes into each book, creating a multi-adventure story. I have a vague recollection of these also kind of tying into each other as well. I remember really enjoying them!

I was a hard junkie for the movies and have very strong memories of being fourteen, sitting in the cinema and bawling my eyes out(quietly to myself)as the Enterprise streaked across the sky in STIII.

I remember the sheer ELATION that was the entire experience of STIV - I saw it four times that Christmas and took a bunch of different friends and people of all ages and tastes(some of whom really didn't even care for ST!), and I can still feel that pride swell in my chest and heart at the conclusion when, to a person, they exclaimed as the credits rolled, "That was actually REALLY good!"

So re-watching TOS now is like a homecoming for me and each Monday night I find myself eagerly anticipating it and enjoying it!
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