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Re: Klingon Battle Cruiser

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Robert, since the Klingon Empire was the Star Trek equivalent to the Soviet Union when the show aired, I think that Klingon technology was supposed to be somewhat crude compared to Federation tech, since any Soviet tech at the time was also somewhat crude, but still highly effective.
AND dangerous to use with a rather low regard to the safety of the respective Soviet crews, as the numerous incidents, accidents and near-accidents especially in the first Soviet nuclear subs and their space program illustrate.
Thus if you continue the analogy it actually makes sense to assume, that the crew of the Klingon battlecruiser was crammed into the small "bulb" at the bow, at a somewhat safe distance from the hazardous engineering/drive section.

Jeez. Assuming the Klingon engineering section is a radioactive disaster-in-waiting, I wonder what kind of weird mutations occurred to the Tribbles Scotty beamed into the Klingon engine room in Trouble With Tribbles?
Good point Kevman7987. I seriously doubt that the D-7 stored its shuttlecraft in the "bulb" section too, to avoid radiation contamination. So I don't buy the idea that the drive section of the D-7 is a radiation hazard.

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