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Re: Balance of Terror unbalanced - the Romulans never had any chance

Also, the character dynamic is that the Praetor, and the younger Romulans who're eager for war, think the cloak and the plasma weapon are superweapons which will inevitably bring them victory. The Commander knows - or fears/suspects - that while they'll win initial victories, their value lies mainly in shock and surprise - once the enemy work out what they are, they'll work out countermeasures, the Romulan advantage will be gone, and they'll lose badly.
It's his bad luck that it's very nearly the first Federation commander he faces (the first really, given if we assume that the base commanders didn't have the resources to fight back the way a starship could even if they'd had time to analyse the problem) who does just that.
Or his good luck, given the Commander's musings about wishing he not come home, if his return will start a war.
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