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Re: BBC tried to stop production on New Who twice!

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Clearly this is all rubbish. Michael Grade states very clearly in the charity book Behind the Sofa that if Russell T Davies had come to him with his 'sensational' new take on Doctor Who, he'd have commissioned it himself.
And when Grade returned to the BBC in 2004, it was as the first head of the BBC Trust, which had been specifically created to avoid the overlap between overseers and management that had led to the abolition of the Board of Governors. So for him to try and second-guess the actual programme makers... well, it would be inconceivable. As inconceivable as there being any truth in Private Eye's suggestions that people involved in Pinewood had an interest in suggesting that Television Centre couldn't be successfuly refitted for the HD age and had to be shut down.
Clearly, everybody involved in this documentary must have been on drugs when they shot it to come out with such rubbish...

Or maybe you are just WRONG!!!
Knew I should have used the sarcasm emoticon.
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