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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

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Of course, I have to wonder where this yellow back door is supposed to led us. If I'm not mistaken you illustrated the area in a same or similar fashion in your older TOS rendering approach.
Yes, this is very similar to my earlier approach in my earlier attempt at this project with the Quake III engine. Good memory!

Robert Comsol wrote:
And now I realize I have to pester Donny with question: Why is there a wall in such close proximity to the third bed which apparently doesn't exist if we look at the various "third bed footage"?
Does the bridge module next to Spock's science station not exist because it was removed for filming in this screencap?

We don't know if a wall exists (in-universe) by the third bed or not, but we do know that if there was one there, it would have to be removed for filming the scenes which featured the third bed.

Therefore, I'm making it a rule that walls or other objects that could exist in-universe that would have to be removed for filming the series have every right to be there as much as the bridge module next to the science station does. Whether or not they exist in my project depends on my preference and artistic license, I suppose.

GSchnitzer wrote:
The only thing I might do differently is to swap out that new blinky computer display you've added and replace it with the display of the antique surgical tools from "Space Seed."
That's a good idea, but I'm gonna sleep on that one for now.

GSchnitzer wrote:
In all these shots, Donny, on both the Examination Room side, and the Ward Room side, I'm feeling like it's a tiny bit dark--like we are in Sick Bay on the night shift. I might pop up the lighting a tiny bit--but I'm not really sure how this gets rendered in-game, so maybe the lighting is actually perfect. But my feeling as I sit and look at in on my monitor is that it's a little dark.
This is a very important topic. I have a tendency, in all my CG work, to keep lighting low and moody and full of shadows. When I first started making game environments 15 odd years ago, much of the user-made content being released suffered from poor, under-thought, over-bright, washed-out lighting. I offered the alternative to that and always strived to not have my work suffer from the same. Therefore, I chose to use moody, darker lighting in my game environments, and was applauded for it.

Sometimes, however, I overdo the dark moodiness, such as in the ward-room shots I posted above. For that reason, I definitely do need everyone to point it out when it may seem my work is looking too dark.

I appreciate everyone's input. I'm making a few changes as we speak, but am going to move on to Doctor McCoy's office soon. Got to keep the momentum going....
About the moodiness: I'm a nurse, and when I talke care of patients, I like the room well lit. I might be overy sensitive to such dark moodiness in the context of a hospital treatment room. I didn't really notice it in all the other rooms until we got to Sick Bay. But I understand the artistic aesthetic.

About the missing Bridge conole: it's like this picture from "The Deadly Year"--where Kirk appears to be staring into the vacuum of space with no hull wall present.

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