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Re: My new side project! USS Something Something

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Since the design reminds me a bit of the Spruce Goose, how about the name Hughes or Hercules (the designation of Hughes' prototype was the Hughes H-4 Hercules.)?
I looked at the spruce goose and I can see the resemblance, with the new secondary Hull. SO, The ship's class name will be called the Hughes Class.

137th Gebring wrote:
Wow this thing is really starting to mesh (pun not intended). I'm actually more reminded of a mix between an Akira and Decatur, myself. I am REALLY liking this design the more I see of it. It has the elegance of traditional Starfleet design and the look of strength that the Vengeance had without being boxy and overpowering.
Thank you, so I might as well tell you the back story I envisioned for her.

The Hughes Class came into service in 2262, Alternate Reality.

The Hughes Class Specs:
Length: 500m
Crew Compliment: 350
Maximum Warp: 9.3
Average Warp Speed: 6
Shuttle Compliment: 6
Weapons: 10 Phaser arrays, 4 bow facing photon torpedo launchers
Warp Engine: The one that the USS Vengeance uses.
Impulse Drive: 4 Aft Impulse engines

Without further ado, more PICTURES!!!

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