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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
@137th Gebirg

Yes, we tried to decipher a color code of the doors but couldn't arrive at a satisfactory conclusion. In "The Naked Time" turbo lift doors were blue in apparently three diferent locations but other than that they are usually red, just as those doors that are apparently bulkheads.

Yellow could literally mean anything. From the Season One engine room to the door of the laboratory to the Season Two / Three multi-purpose room (sometimes red) etc.

GSchnitzer wrote: View Post
I think the practical purpose of these set decorations was to provide Khan some weapons that were naively unattended in the 23rd century with which he could threaten McCoy.
Yes, undoubtedly.

GSchnitzer wrote: View Post
In the end, I think it makes more sense to show users of this video game something that's interesting and with which they are familiar.
Well, the users can examine the antique surgical tools in McCoy's expanded collection in his office, can't they?

Besides, I could also argue that instead of the antique tools I'd expect to see the mirror Miss Chapel used to fix her hair in "The Naked Time" (because according to my examinations it's the same Medical Ward 4 from Season One).

You are talking about a prop from the Season One sickbay set which, IMHO, is totally out of place here because we're looking at the medical ward of Season Two plus Three and a different one (out of the four that must exist) than seen in the first season.

GSchnitzer wrote: View Post
I think patients probably watch all the numerous ship's theater performances on their bedside swing-arm monitors, rather than have to climb out of bed and hobble over to watch it on a monitor in the corner of the room.
But that's exactly the problem with the third bed, it does not have any swing-arm monitor.

And now I realize I have to pester Donny with question: Why is there a wall in such close proximity to the third bed which apparently doesn't exist if we look at the various "third bed footage"?


Well, the second bed doesn't have a bedside swing-arm monitor, either, in "Return to Tomorrow." They had pull it off the set to make room for Thalassa's receptacle. Hmmm: maybe this whole episode takes place in yet another Sick Bay!

This sounds sort of like taking a photograph of my living room, buying a new dining room table, coming back six months later, taking another photograph, and then showing the Before and After pictures to a friend. "Ah, I see that you built a new addition onto your house, Greg! It looks like you have had a totally new and additional iving room built, one very similar to the other one--but one with a different dining room set. That can be the only possible explanation!" I don't know why every permutation of the sets must co-exist contemporaneously. "Look, Scotty's Bridge station has no hooded viewer in the first season, but then it has one in the second and third seasons! There must be two bridges! Yes--an Emergency Bridge! That must be it!"

Come to think of it, all the bedside swing-arm monitors disappeared from the Sick Bay Ward Room after the third season's second episode. But I don't know if I would advocate removing them from Donny's stuff. That would make his third season-ish layout for the room just a little less interesting and slightly more bleak. It looks like he went the rout of adding one to the third bed to make it consistent with the other two.

It must have posed quite a challenge to the engineers on board theship to figure out how to mount a swing-arm monitor next to that third patient bed. They could have just left it alone, but you know engineers: they love to change things.
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