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Re: "The Trouble With Tribbles" is the most overrated episode of TOS..

Finally, thank you !!! I feel like the only one who not only dislikes this episode but is embarassed by it. It is written at the level of a bad pre-teen sitcom. The jokes are not even funny. There is no reason for the characters to act as they do and tell dumb jokes.

A better comedy is a piece of the action. At least there we see a reason for their actions. The crew is forced to play the role of cliche gangsters. While they find it ackward you can see how they both see and enjoy the humour of their situation ( Scott''s "concrete galoshes", Kirks overacting....Not Shatner's over acting but Captain Kirk's overacting).

Tribbles was just plain bad....yes they were cute, if a ball of fake fur can be called cute, but the episode is bad.

William Campbell was born to play Trelane, he gave him life and charm. Does anyone for a second consider him to be a threatening Klingon ?
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