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Re: Falling Skies - season 3

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Mason is a dick and an idiot. When Pope dropped that snake on him, that was real-man-eese for "I am your friend." All Tom had to do was "laugh" and call him an "asshole" after which as far as Pope was concerned, Mason was his BFF who he would take a bullet for.

It's called "lying".
bigdaddy wrote: View Post
The fighting between them two was completely stupid and just like random, couldn't have felt more forced.
auntiehill wrote: View Post
Yeah, that was my take on it, as well. I found most of Tom's reactions to be really out of character. The only thing that felt right was Tom getting Mason to leave him behind.
Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
I seriously thought they were being provoked/attacked by some sort of psychic weapons that was turning them into [not a joke]tetchy aggressive assholes[/not a joke].
These are the exact same reactions I had. The whole agitation seemed to come out of nowhere, starting with the "I'll take the first watch" moment when Mason grabbed the gun. I was about ready to ignore it or chalk it up to I musta missed something, but then they were really riled the next morning.

I definitely was expecting some kind of mind control/pheromone or something. Perhaps a Skitter tactic to flush out the quarry. I don't know how I feel about it being a legitimate beef. Seemed really out of place.

And what kind of husband and father is Tom? The moment I found out I was unconscious for 2 days, my immediate reaction would have been where are my kids and my wife?
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