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I'm asking for states who had none for an appreciable amount of time and it worked.
Ancient Egypt: transactions were conducted via measured amounts of grain, which could be used by the worker who earned it as food or for further transactions.
That's a lot more like "money" than barter.
But according to this:

"Alexander was also the man responsible for destroying what remained of the ancient credit systems, since not only the Phoenicians but also the old Mesopotamian heartland had resisted the new coin economy." Debt: the First 5,000 Years by David Graeber

It seems the Ancients around the east Mediterranean weren't too ecstatic about the monetized economy. Graeber maintains money is a tool of the state or regime to impose taxes to fund war machines and impose sovereignty and that mutual aid or credit systems (like the Egyptian grain) were otherwise the norm, not money or barter.

"Knapp considered it absurd to attempt to understand money 'without the idea of the state.' Money is not a medium that emerges from exchange. It is rather a means for accounting for and settling debts, the most important of which are tax debts." The Nature of Money by Geoffrey Ingham
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