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Re: ABC's Happy Endings cancelled

Character-wise, as in the choice of having 6 characters, two of which are married, aside, the tone of the show more matched Scrubs in my opinion than Friends.

As far as the creators of Happy Endings and their thoughts on how it is or isn't like Friends, I'll defer to David Caspe:

THR: Do you think following Modern Family and Cougar Town made sense?

Caspe: I think so. I think people see a similarity between us and Cougar Town tonally. I guess we're considered somewhat edgy of a show. I think I'm probably desensitized to that slightly. I've grown up on HBO and R-rated movies to the point where I don't really feel like we're that edgy necessarily. Our goal was to do a modern take on a Friends-type show, the same way Modern Family did a modern take on a family-type show.
THR: What are your thoughts on being compared to Friends?

Caspe: Modern Family and The Middle don't necessarily get compared to each other as much as we get compared to another Friends show. Maybe because Friends itself was so popular, any time you have people in their late twenties that are a close-knit group of friends, you end up getting compared to that. Ours starts with a wedding getting broken up. For me that was the idea of starting where romantic comedy movies end, specifically movies like The Graduate, that's what I was thinking. I didn't realize -- I haven't seen the Friends pilot in 10 years -- so I didn't even fully remember [what had happened until] someone pointed it out, that Rachel starts the show by running in in [sic] her wedding dress. Even that seemed different enough to me because it wasn't starting at the wedding, but we took a lot of heat "ripping that off." That being said, I get it, we’re always going to be compared to those shows and we’re just trying to make our own mark.
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