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Re: Why are Creationists so afraid of Evolution?

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Has the Big Bang Theory been proven?
Are you asking whether the expansion of the universe from a single focal point has been verified? I ask this because science doesn't quite work like your question seems to want it to work.

Current observations of the universe, along with mathematical evidence, support the notion of a big bang. Of course, like all things, some aspects of it may change over time as more evidence is observed. Science isn't like a religion. Nothing is every truly 100% absolute, not even the theory of gravity.

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Who defined what perfection is?
Well, I think current Church teaching is that the Bible creation story is an allegory. So I guess you can believe in creationism and evolution at the same time.
Fundamentalist mainline churches teach that the Bible is literal, and that the Creation story is actual history. Still, most moderate Christians seem to reconcile evolution with their belief in a Judeo-Christian God, and see the Creation story as allegorical.
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