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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Since WWII, Japan is constitutionally prohibited from having a military. They nonetheless have forces to fulfill necessary functions of a military, of course. But these forces are not legally a military, and they aren't called that. They're called the Self Defense Forces. I don't see why Starfleet can't appear and act as a military (and thus be understandably referred to as one by outsiders) and still at least technically not be one.
As I understand, Japan's defense force is just that, a defense force with no offensive capabilities.
Incorrect. The SDF's naval vessels are equipped with Harpoon antiship missiles and anti-submarine weapons. It operates 16 diesel-electric attack submarines and several guided missile cruisers that are closely based on the Arleigh Burke class Aegis destroyer.

To the extent that those weapon systems are incapable of launching attack and/or supporting ground operations on foreign soil, they are indeed "defensive" weapons.

Also, when someone in Japan's defense force finds themselves in legal trouble, the matter is dealt with in civilian court. Starfleet officers face court martial.
Only when the civilian courts aren't available. In contrast: for stealing and blowing up the Enterprise among other violations of Starfleet regulations, Kirk stood before a civilian assembly -- overseen by the President -- to answer for those crimes.
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