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Re: Any old timers still around?

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I have no access to TNZ so I have no knowledge what is behind that wall.
Consider yourself lucky. The stupidest thing I ever did here was access that "forum".

If I had the ability, I'd ban myself from it.

For several lifetimes.
If there's one thing I noticed about the TNZ forum (And it goes well with the "Old Misc" feel), it's how cliequy it's become. I go in there and notice if you have an ounce of conservativism in you, you will be blasted as a troll or something. Heaven forbid anyone post anything in there that talked good about Romney (And I thought there were good aspects about him). Also, there was one time when that Troll thread actually pissed me off. I had a thread in here (Misc) and got blasted for it in the troll thread. I didn't say it at the time, but if you're going to blast me for something, do it to me, not go run off to your "safe" forum like a coward.

There are things I miss about this forum but there are some good threads that pop up every now and then. I noticed for me now it's if I'm in the mood to post, I will really post. Most times I just lurk though.
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