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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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I would not put this by for MS to do again, switch on their DRM and all the disc's you have will then require that mandatory install to the HDD to run, just as they intented to do from the beginning, all that promised DRM is still there built into the machine, it's just sitting dormant.
Unless Microsoft is willing to pay vastly inflated manufacturing costs, there won't be anything unique on the disc to identify it. It would have to be some sort of included one-use-code in the box. And why would they pay to print those if they're not scheduled to be used?
The one time code would be in the game disc itself buried in the softwear of the game, the mandatry install to play the game from the HDD would copy that code over onto the HDD with the game and link that code to your X1 and your account, the mandatory connection to the internet to install the game was to link that disc code to your account and store that info onto their xblive service, so then if your gave the disc to a friend they could not intstall it to the HDD without that mandatory internet conenction, and once you had that the mandatory internet connection xblive would see that game disc was already in use.

But it's telling that MS have said all this DRM will be turned off, but when you buy a X1 you will still require that one time mandatroy internet connection to deactivate these features before you can use the thing, that tells me that even though they are turning these features off, they are still going to continue to build the Xbox One with these features intact on the hardwear.

If that's not sounding alram bells for what they have planned the future i dont know what is.

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